You don’t need to queue at all and you just need to play the game easily by accessing poker online site. If you choose live dealer version, then you can see the real dealer who will serve you right away by using the live streaming connected to your gadget. If you choose regular online Blackjack, then you can’t see the real dealer but you can still play live in real time. However, when you choose land-based casino, then you can’t play in convenience since you need to be fast in getting the seat.

If you choose both live version and online version, you can play without facing any kind of distraction at all. You can get immersed on the game and you don’t need to get mad because of the crowd at all. However, you need to prepare more technology and update your features on your gadget or PC if you want to play this game using live dealer version because you will be connected directly in real time with the dealer located in different place. If you don’t want to get any distraction, you need to be fully prepared.

Another crucial difference is the speed. When you play using regular Blackjack game, then you will play with fast speed since all is controlled well by the system. Meanwhile, if you choose the live version Blackjack, you will play in slow pace since the cards will be fully controlled by the live dealer. The dealer will shuffle the cards using their hands, the dealer will distribute the cards to the players and the dealer will do the rest. That is why, you will finish this game faster if you choose it online.