Restricted Items
Picnic areas are located outside the parking lot area outside the park, food items not purchased at Montage Mountain are not permitted inside the park. One sealed water bottle per person is permitted. Electronic devices, including radios, and shoes with roller skates (Heelys) are not permitted inside the park, as well as weapons of any kind. No Pets are allowed inside the park (service animals may be allowed). All bags will be checked upon entrance, thank you for your understanding.

First Aid
First Aid area is located inside the park, just outside of the main lodge. Please ask any park associate for directions or assistance.

Lost Children Area / Lost and Found
These areas are located in the group sales building, directly east of the main lodge. In the event that your child is lost, notify the nearest Montage Mountain employee or security guard and they will direct you to this area.

Personal Property Responsibilty
Montage Mountain is not responsible for loss, or damage to, personal property left by guests at the park or ride areas. To ensure that all guest property remains safe, locker rentals are available in the main lodge. Loose articles are not permitted on rides and should either be left with a non-rider or secured in lockers as well.

Loitering on Montage Meltdown property is prohibited.